Danelle Wasden

Teen Life Coach

Helping your teen with self-confidence, relationships, and big dreams.

Hi, I’m Danelle Wasden. I am a mother to 5 beautiful children, a high school teacher, and a life coach. After discovering life coaching for myself, I knew I had to share it with my most favorite people, teenagers. The tools that I have learned to use through life coaching, have changed my life and empowered me. I believe that teenagers are our future and have the potential to shoot for the stars!  

My Story

We all live in the story we create in our brains. Throughout my life, I have created many different stories. I believed as a young girl that I would be an Olympic Star. I also dreamed about being a mother. I believed in my “happily ever after”. I just imagined that if the stars aligned, I might get lucky. Life would happen to me. But since I have learned more about the way my brain works, and since I have had my own life coach, I know that I create my “happily ever after”. If I truly want something, I can get it. I have the power to create whatever I want in life.


I am now living the dream I created. I am coaching and teaching teens, living on 10 acres near the ranch that I grew up on with my husband and five beautiful children, and I am continuing to dream.


I cannot wait to help your teens with tools to help create their dreams. Teens are our future, and they are full of potential.

My Values & Beliefs

The Gift of Self-Confidence

I believe that the greatest gift anyone can receive is the gift of self-confidence. People behave better when they believe in themselves. My goal is to give the gift of self-confidence to everyone that I work with.


Being able to manage relationships is a tool that we all need. When we can connect to people, we are able to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us. To have a healthy, happy life, humans need connection.     

Dream Big

We are put on this earth to evolve and grow as humans. One of the most exciting parts of life is dreaming of all the possibilities. Dream big…why not?

My Approach

One-on-One 12 Week Program.


I have created a program to help teens with confidence, relationships, and going for their dreams.


The Program includes:

  • 12 sessions (one session per week) of one-on-one coaching
  • 12 lessons with worksheets that they can fill in.
  • Email or Marco Polo Access to me throughout the week
  • 2 Free coaching sessions for the parent

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